Frequently Asked Questions

Why do so many cleaning services perform poorly?

There are several reasons for this. One is because there are companies that advertise and bid, but they do not perform the work. They make their money by selling contracts, not by doing quality cleaning work. So once the work is transferred or sold, they no longer have an interest in the job that they bid on.

Another reason is because services tend to get too large to manage. They hire massive amount of employees to perform the work. The task of teaching correct cleaning techniques becomes a challenge. They are then forced to hire inspectors to inspect the work of their own employees.


Do I or the cleaning service furnish the cleaning supplies?

This is completely up to the client. We do recommend the client furnish cleaning products for items that are important to them. A new wood floor for example. We do have products that we can suggest if need be.


What criteria does A Clear Difference Cleaning Service use to prepare an estimate?

Some companies may use the square footage of the areas to be cleaned. This would be ok if every home or business was built with the same decor, flooring and furniture. but thank goodness that is not the case.

When we tour a house or office for preparing a bid, we estimate how much time it takes to clean a room, one room at a time, taking into account what needs to be done. Are there hard floors or carpet?  How many bathrooms? Granite or laminate counter tops? Are there pets?

At the end the times for each room are totaled into one grand total of time for the entire job.


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